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Dongping Plastic is a trusted producer of custom plastic automotive and other industrial components. We have partnered with customers to produce automotive door water shield panels, seat component pads, plastic sheet film roll, automotive seat covers, and even fully customized plastic products for specific applications. Our advanced 7000 square meter production facility is staffed by over 200 highly skilled workers. Dongping plastic components are manufactured according to the highest possible quality standards that we ensure by maintaining strict control over all level of production from materials procurement to finished product testing. We primarily focus on automotive components, but we do have significant processing experience and factory flexibility to create custom plastic products for nearly any application.
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Custom Automotive Seat Cover

As a professional integrated seat cover supplier, Dongping Plastic has over 10 years of experience in car seat cover manufacturing, including front seat covers, rear seat covers, armrest covers and related plastic parts. The cover materials provided by us include leather and vinyl.

Discover Automotive Seat Cover By Brand

The following are some of the automotive seat cover types we have to offer. As the supplier of the automotive seat covers, Dongping Plastic can carry out mass production and processing of automotive seat covers according to any design specifications you may have.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Our Recent Work
  • Fuji-seat

    Since 2004, Dongping Plastic has been providing car seat covers for Fuji-seat from Japan, totaling almost 100 million products. The supporting automobile types are PICO, MATERIA, COPEN, and SIRION.

  • Toyota

    We are quite proud to be chosen by Toyota. We started the production of car seat covers for Toyota Corollas October 2018.


    We were selected to produce car seat cover for Nissan’s X-trail in September of 2018. By the end of 2018, we had produced 0.6 million pieces.